Peer review of manuscripts submitted to

The Russian Bulletin of Children’s Surgery, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

  1. All papers submitted to the Journal are subject to a peer review. The manuscript is considered by the Executive Secretary of the Journal regarding criteria and submission guidelines of the Journal. When the paper is registered the Executive Secretary in coordination with a Deputy Editor-in-Chief (depending on the paper content) sends it to one or two (in case the paper deals with several specialties) experts for a peer review within 7 days from the date the paper was registered.
  2. Peer reviews are made by members of Editorial board and Editorial council of the Journal as well as other researchers and experts, who have knowledge and experience in a corresponding field of research and published their studies related to the subject in the last 3 years. Experts employed in the same organization where the study was performed are not invited for reviewing. Peer review can be made neither by the author, co-author of the paper nor research advisors and employees of the department authors/co-authors work at.
  3. Peer reviews are made on a voluntary and free-of-charge basis.
  4. Reviewers are notified that manuscripts sent to them are subject to intellectual property rights of authors and are not allowed to be distributed to a third party.
  5. Peer reviews are made anonymously, i.e. authors do not know the names of reviewers (unless the expert needs to contact the author). When a manuscript is sent for a review it has an official letter attached. The letter is signed by the Executive Secretary of the Journal and specifies timing for the review to be received (up to 3 weeks). Guidelines on how to make a peer review are sent to the expert if required (see Annex).
  6. Executive secretary of the Journal sends a copy of the peer review or rejection reasons to the authors.
  7. If a peer review confirms the paper needs a follow-up revision it is going to be send back to the author for further modification. In this case the date of admission is the date when the modified paper comes back to the Journal.
  8. The author has to return his modified paper to the Journal within a month. Also he has to attach a letter with his comments on all remarks and changes made to the paper.
  9. If the manuscript was severely modified according to the peer review it goes to the same expert once again.
  10. In case of negative reviews from two experts or second negative review the paper is rejected and the Editorial board does not accept it for consideration.
  11. If the author provides reasons why he disagrees with the reviewer the paper may be accepted for consideration by the Editorial board.
  12. Final decision is discussed at the Editorial board session and is specified in its records. The Editorial board has the right to send the paper for additional reviewing if some questions and remarks arise during discussion. The Editorial board has its sessions quarterly in order to publish papers in due time. Peer reviews are to be provided within 3 months.
  13. The Journal does not accept for publication:
    • Papers which fail to meet submission criteria of the Journal;
    • If authors do not agree to editorial changes the paper can be rejected without a peer review.
    • If authors refuse to make changes specified by experts in the paper without any argument.
  14. Peer reviews are archived for five years by the Journal.
  15. The Journal does not archive rejected manuscripts. We do not return manuscripts accepted for publication.
  16. In case of any official query the Journal sends copies of peer reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.



Peer Review Guidelines

of The Russian Bulletin of Children’s Surgery, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation  


Reviewers are obliged to follow Editorial Ethics of the Journal and

its standards for publication published on the Journal website


Expert has to check in his review:

    • if content and actual data of the paper meet the specialty of the Journal;
    • background: the paper has to keep up with modern trends in science and technology;
    • significance of research results for medical science and clinical practice;
    • if the paper meets submission criteria of the Journal;
    • if statistics corresponds well enough to objectives of the study; 
    • if data reported is exact and reliable;
    • if definitions and statements used (or suggested) are correct and accurate;
    • literary style;
    • drawbacks (if any);

Also the review has to include conclusions about the paper as a whole, remarks and tips on how to improve it if required.

The review should outline if the paper is ready for publication or not, needs further editing or modification.

Please, be aware, that submitted manuscripts are confidential and subjects to intellectual property rights of their authors. Reviewers have no right to copy received papers or pass them to other people without the permission of the Editor. They are obliged to return or delete the copy of the manuscript after they provide peer reviews.